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Welcome to NH Snocar! is your source for classic Model T and Model A Snow Car parts. We manufacture and refurbish parts for all Model T and Model A Snow Cars. is also your source for Snow Car events and Antique Snowmobile events around New England.

At NH Snocar you can learn about the history of Antique Snowmobiles. Both Model T Snowmobiles and Model A snowmobiles. Brian Moriarty has re-created many of the classic parts that have not been available for these cars in 60 years.

Your satisfaction with our re-manufactured parts is our number one mission. I strive to produce good quality parts at a fair price. Please remember that these parts are 100% USA made. If you are not satisfied with any item that you purchase, please return it immediately "within 15 days" for a full refund.NH Snocar reserves the right to change prices due to manufacturing increases at any time. I encourage any and all questions you may have prior to shipping. Shipping is very expensive, so let's just ship the correct item the first time. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge UNLESS it is our mistake of course and $35.00 NSF Bank fee. Cash and checks are acceptable forms of payment. I may consider credit cards in the future.

****NH Snocar requires a sign-off release of all liability with regard to bodily injury incurred by any of our parts. Click on the liability release information at the bottom of the order form. Note: The best way to order parts is by faxing the order form to 603-253-9917 with the liability release box checked off.
All NEW parts are generally in stock for immediate shipment. Used parts are not always available. Please specify if you want to have back ordered items shipped when available. Complete vehicles, "Snow Cars" are usually available. Please check out the vehicles for sale section of this website. Consignment vehicles are accepted please e-mail or call for details.